Monday, November 02, 2009

Wullie vs The Edinburgh Marathon

On the 23rd May 2010 this overweight, unfit, chemo riddled 35 year old is going to run (and I use that word lightly) the Edinburgh Marathon.
Now why would I do something as dumb as this? I haven't done any form of physical exercise for over 10 years... and it shows!

Let me explain.
I have now witnessed one too many of my fellow Hodgkins Warriors pass away and I can't sit by. We need to raise money to fight this disease and we need to find a cure for EVERYONE.

I am going to run this marathon and raise funds for the Alese Coco Fight2Win Foundation.
Here is the email I dropped to Paul Coco, Alese's father, asking for permission to do so.

Hi there,
My name is Wullie Currie and, to cut along story short, you can see my Hodgkins journey at
On May 23rd 2010 I will be running the Edinburgh Marathon (Scotland) and was wondering if I could run it in aid of the Fight2Win foundation?

Alese was the first person I became aware of, after my initial diagnosis of Hodgkins in June 2006, who had the same illness as me. She was also the first person I "knew" that passed away from this terrible disease; just as I was going into transplant.
Unfortunately I have lost many more friends to this and when Adrienne left us in October I decided I needed to get off my fat butt and do whatever I can to raise awareness and hard currency. Alison asked that donations be made to Fight2Win. This is my donation.

In the UK there are not many organisations dedicated to Lymphoma... they are all bundled in with other cancers and, since it is the strength of Alese and Adrienne who have gotten me this far, I would be honoured if I could dedicate my run to Alese and raise funds for the Fight2Win foundation.

I warn you that I am not going to set any records here!! Right now I can barely run a mile but I know if I am running for such a great charity I will get there.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,


Mr. Coco has kindly given permission so here we go.

That, in a nutshell, is why I am doing this.
I am doing it to remember those that have left us. I am doing it for those that are still fighting damn hard. I am doing it to raise some money to help find a cure so that hopefully no one else needs to go where I, and so many others, have been.
Finally, I am doing it for myself.
If I can do this I will finally prove to myself that I have beaten cancer. I may have beaten the Hodge in my body but in my head it lives on. It's time for it to leave.

There will be pain and no doubt I will want to quit many times over but I will always know that I have been through much, much worse and I hope this, as well as the motivation of running for Fight2Win, will keep me going until I cross that finishing line.
Should be an interesting journey.

Wish me luck and I'll be touting for sponsorship soon enough. I'll try and do weekly updates of my progress.


Bekah said...

Um in case you forgot.

I love you.

Kudos to running.
Thinking of you always,

<3 B

Debbie said...

That's awesome, Wullie. Thanks for representing "us" so well!! Here's to living ... cheers.

Veronica said...

Ooooh - you've gone public!!! Well, your self-appointed training coach (moi!!) will ensure that you stick to your plan and get that fat butt of yours into shape.

Proud of you........<3

R said...

Wow, that's brave! Let us know when we can sponsor you and I'll raid Arif's wallet ;)

Does this mean you're blogging again? Yay!

Veronica, don't forget that housework is amazing exercise so it is your duty as his supportive wife/coach to let him do it all as part of his training.

Rach xxx

Kelly Kane said...

Oh wow! How awesome, Wullster! I'm so proud of you! I miss you lots, I should totally get my fat ass in shape and come do it with you :)