Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The Alese Coco Fight2Win Organization has released a PSA in order to help raise funding to find a cure. This is who I am running in aid of next year.

You can view the commercial here.

"Hodgkins Disease will kill 3 people today".

I'll update my run progress and all that other good stuff shortly.


Anonymous said...

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Rosa said...

Thanks for the site, I really appreciate the work you do to raise awareness. I'm three years cancer free now, and feeling great. I work for ChiliTechnology and wanted to leave a tip for anyone currently in chemo who is experiencing heat, chills, or sweats. I used a ChiliPad and it was a lifesaver for me to have a cool place to lie down (it's a mattress pad that lets you set your bed temperature anywhere from 46 - 118 degrees).

darlene said...

your birthday package arrived.
you two are wonderful. bek is having a rough time again and is going to be readmitted to upenn today. keep her in your thoughts.
much love,
bekah's mom

darlene said...

remember...sometimes the cheerleading you do- and esp the pom pom waving- is more valuable than the race running.
i know your pom poms have saved us numerous times- i am so grateful.
hang in there wullie
we love you
bekah's mom

David Haas said...

I have a question about your blog. Please email me!