Saturday, October 11, 2008


October 11th 2007. It was one year ago today that I finally finished my cancer treatment.
And how did I spend this momentous anniversary?
In bloody hospital. You couldn't make it up. :-)

Becca managed to get her finger stuck in a door and successfully ripped her middle finger nail clean off. The poor wee mite was in agony so a trip to A&E, a tummy full of paracetamol and 'brufen, an X-Ray and a large bandage later and all is well again... for now. The next few weeks are going to be fun trying to stop her whacking her hand against everything.

So why no updates?
Basically I've been trying to rebuild my life.
I'm still not sure exactly which is the harder... dealing with cancer or living after having it. Even now everything I seem to do always has a "hint of cancer" in it. It is impossible to forget what you have been through but at the same time you have to push it far back in your mind in order to move on.
Other people make it hard as well. They don't mean to; it is just human nature. People forget that I had a shit-load of treatment. If I'm tired... and believe me i get knackered as I'm still anemic etc... I get accused of using my spell of Hodgkins as an excuse. "It was a year ago. You're fine now. Deal with it.". It gets on my tits.
Anyway, I'll post another update soon as I have a lot to say and I think people in my office don't read this anymore so I think I can open up in peace but I just wanted to do a quick update and say:-


I'm one of the lucky ones.
And I know it.