Friday, July 17, 2009

Two Years Post Transplant

Just a small post to anyone still stumbling across this blog to say that I am still here and doing great... except I have just been diagnosed with the piggy flu and am now on TamiFlu.

Also, a friend of mine has a new single out on the 20th July. He goes under the name Kid Harpoon and is the fella of Veronica's cousin, Jenny. If you are in any way into music you need to check out his two EPs on iTunes. You owe it to yourself.

Get it!!

Follow Kid Harpoon on Twitter and MySpace.
Official site is here.
A very recent session with Steve Lamacq on Radio 1 can be found here.


Kelly Kane said...

I'm still here! Piggy flu, does that mean swine flu? Hope you're okay! If it makes you feel better, well actually mine is not as bad as yours, but they think I have Lymes Disease... good times on vaca.

Miss you guys lots! I'll be home from BI this weekend, maybe we can catch up then!


Joe Bubel said...

Still here too. Keep your pecker up! :-)