Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day + 277

<--- That's me, that is.
I feel as if someone has slipped a concentrated tablet of DHAP into my tea or Irn Bru. My elephant friend from April 2007 has returned and setup camp on my head. My stomach is grumbling and every rumble has me clenching buttocks tightly. Oh, and we have the odd bit of vomiting thrown in for good measure. At least my 103F+ fever has gone away. Small consolation, eh?

I blame Kel. I was fine till I spoke to her on the phone when she was ill.


Currently on iPod :- Nothing. Head too sore


Kelly Kane said...

Awww sad lamb, Wullster!! I promise I didn't give you my sickies!

Feel better soon and stay hydrated!


laulausmamma said...

Oh my - quite the visual Wullie. Sorry to hear you are feeling shitty. Hope this too shall pass and you'll be feeling your jolly self soon. ((HUGS)) from a distance.


j said...

i just came to get my shitty outlook

Eric said...

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Bekah said...



Anonymous said...

hi wullie and veronica
bekah's anc is 250 today!!!!!!

j said...

time for an update

Bekah said...

PS - I love you...

I agree with J.

- B

Duane said...

Hey there Wullie,

I miss your posts. Please make a post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Miss you, buddy. Give my love to Veronica and the family.

Anonymous said...

You are one stubbron son of a gun.
Talk to us, PLEASE!

j said...

do i have to come over there
to solicit a response?

Kelly Kane said...

I believe you owe us an updated post today...

Happy 1 year.