Thursday, March 06, 2008

Below is the latest extract from Aleses' journal. Her parents keep it going in her memory. I've pasted it here in the hope that just a few more people "help out".
Jennifer has gone through hell for three long years and has now been told what the future is. She doesn't know how long she has. Please read her journal and give her all the support you can.
I hope I have as much courage and dignity when my time comes around.

Stupid fucking disease. I fucking hate it.
I'm tired of crying and being so helpless.


A Small Favor…

On several occasions Alese asked for help for one of her friends in the text of a journal update…Whether is was for prayer or requesting that people get genetically tested for a bone marrow match.

In this case, it’s for one of Alese’s dear friends Jennifer Willey… Jennifer is 28 and lives in Maine, she is a Hodgkin’s survivor; however, Jennifer underwent a bone marrow transplant and as a result she has chronic Graft vs. Host disease, this is when the body rejects the donor cells. This is a very bad scenario and there is no cure.

I’m requesting that you do three things…. First, pray for Jennifer and her family. Second, please go to her website at: and inundate her quest book with encouraging words. Third, forward this request to a couple your friends and ask them to do the same.

Jennifer is a warm, courageous person and your encouragement will help. Just click on the Sign My Guestbook link.

Father, I ask you to put your hand on Jennifer... Bring her comfort, please take away her pain. Father, heal her body, strengthen her family and bring joy to her family and their home during these difficult days.


The Coco’s

Currently on iPod :- Placebo - Slave to the Wage

Good lyric in this tune that I need to follow through with:-

All it takes is one decision
A lot of guts,
A little vision
to wave,
Your worries,
and cares goodbye.

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j said...

i hear ya brother
we are helpless to cure the crap sometimes
but never helpless to heal
the heart
we are right here for a reason

thinking of ya'll